5 Famous Tet Markets In Hanoi

The end of December in lunar calendar is when Tet markets in Hang Luoc, Hoang Hoa Tham, Lac Long Quan on the most crowded occasion of the year. If you wish to witness this activity in Hanoi Vietnam, drop us a message at our website Sapa Tours and we make a perfect travel plan that fits your needs.


Hang Luoc Market

The peach flower market in Hang Luoc Street opens once a year, usually from 15 to 30 December of the lunar calendar. This year the market opens from 10/1 to 24/1 (ie 16 to 30 December). The fair lasts from the intersection of Gam Cau to Cha Ca Street, which makes the already busy road more and more crowded. Hang Luoc Market mainly sells small to medium-sized peach flower branches, suitable for the altar or small space.


Besides peach flowers, apricot flowers, kumquat trees, etc., paper flowers and silk flowers fill the corner of Hang Luoc street and Hang Ruoi street with all colors and sizes. Although it doesn’t fit Tet’s spirit, this artificial flower is still popular because of its affordable price and it can be displayed year-round.


Hang Ma Market

If you need to buy decorate items for the holidays or for the family, Hanoians often come to Hang Ma street because the there are many items available on this hundred-meter-long street. Hang Ma Street, Hang Duong Street, Hang Luoc and Dong Xuan Market seem to form a Tet shopping complex in the old town.


Quang Ba Flower Market

This is one of the biggest wholesale flower markets in Hanoi, usually open from about 3 am – 7 am. The nearer Lunar New Year is, the busier markets along Au Co Street (Tay Ho) are day and night. The market not only attracts visitors from the inner city but also people from neighboring provinces such as Hai Phong, Hung Yen, Quang Ninh, etc. This place sometimes sells pear, apricot, plum flower branches as alternatives for peach flowers. Photo: Cao Anh Tuan.


The main item in the market is still flower with many different types. Flowers here originated from the villages of Tay Tuu (Bac Tu Liem), Me Linh, Nhat Tan (Tay Ho) … Photo: Giang Huy.


Lac Long Quan Peach Flower Market

In the December of lunar calendar every year, the peach flower market on Lac Long Quan and Tay Ho take place again. This is the largest peach flower market in Hanoi, about two km long. Small businesses gather mainly from Lac Long Quan flower garden to the junction of intersection with Au Co street.


The market mainly sells and leases peaches flower trees. The peach trees in the market have an average price from tens to hundreds of millions VND. Business households here are mostly people in Nhat Tan village. Nhat Tan peach blossom is a cultural symbol of Hanoi every spring.


Hoang Hoa Tham Tree Market

For a long time, the street from Buoi slope to Hoang Hoa Tham street has been known as a pet market, and being one of the famous Tet markets in Hanoi. Flower market here is open all year round but the busiest is the days before Tet. The popular item at the market during Tet is kumquat tree in all shapes and sizes. You can find most kinds of ornamental plants and flowers, besides seeds and pets. Photo: Vy An.

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