5 Places To Enjoy 2019 Christmas In Hanoi

In early December, many buildings and streets in Hanoi were decorated with glittering lights, Santa Claus and reindeer figures and dolls, and pine trees. If you want a memorable Christmas night with beautiful photos, don’t hesitate to visit the following destinations. For more tours around Hanoi, check out our website Sapa Tours.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

The church is located between Nha Tho, Nha Chung and Ly Quoc Su streets. As the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hanoi, this place attracts thousands of people every Christmas.


With blue-white lights and a large pine tree, the old church became the ideal location for photos. There are many iced lemon tea and snack stalls for groups of friends to gather and chat around the neighborhood. However, at Christmas, the neighborhoods around the church were very crowded so if you want to take good photos, you should come early from late afternoon.

In addition, you can celebrate Christmas at Ham Long, Phung Khoang or Cua Bac church.

Hang Ma Street

On this occasion, the whole Hang Ma Street is decorated with many Santa Claus costumes, pine trees, reindeer pictures, decorations and ribbons. The whole street is filled with red which attract couples and families to take photos in Christmas costumes.

Besides the cold weather and the bustling atmosphere, visitors can choose to buy beautiful and meaningful gifts for themselves, friends and relatives.

Hoan Kiem Lake’s walking street

Every weekend, there are many outdoor events, traditional games and street performances. Especially during Christmas, the roads are splendidly decorated with lights and Christmas figures. The recommended place to take beautiful photos is Trang Tien neighborhood, in front of Ham Ca Map building and Hanoi VNPT post office.

City centers and malls

About half a month before Christmas, the malls are decorated with pine trees and giant Santa model. In particular, the lighting system also changes the colors to green and red to match the Christmas atmosphere. Besides walking around and taking photos, customers can eat, drink and shop with many year-end promotions.

That malls in the city centers that attracting many tourists on this occasion are Trang Tien Plaza, Royal City, Times City and Vincom Ba Trieu.



Like city malls, many hotels decorate their hall with giant sparkling pines. This year, Muong Thanh hotel launched the campaign “Green Christmas – Serene Christmas”. In particular, all decorations are made from environmentally friendly materials such as wood, twigs, dry pine and recycled paper. After complete the decoration, the buildings will have a shimmering and warm vibe, suitable for customers who love to take photos.

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