6 Tips To Stay Healthy For A Long Trip

Long-day trips brings you the opportunity to fully enjoy the place you admire but also cause the body to lose a lot of energy due to continuous moving. If you want to keep your health for your trip, remember to follow the 6 tips below. These tips also are very useful if you think of booking Sapa Tours or Vietnam Tours with Asia Charm Tours.


Always drink enough water

Moving around, carrying heavy luggage, enduring different weather, etc. cause the body to become dehydrated quickly. It is also part of the reason why you feel tired when traveling. Always bring a personal water bottle with you and give your body 1.5-2 liters of water a day to keep it in the best condition. Bringing a personal water bottle will quickly solve the need for drinking water in places where you can hardly find a convenience store.

Remember to stay away from alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, drinks that contain lots of sugar and caffeine. These drinks not only dehydrate but also disrupt sleep, making it difficult for you to rest.

Do not skip meals

Always eat enough meals, and do not skip breakfast when you travel. If the schedule is busy, you can prepare your own simple breakfast by buying packaged food, juice, milk, etc. from the previous night. Breakfast provides energy for half-day activities so don’t go exploring your favorite city while your stomach is empty. Food contained a lot of fiber and vitamins should be prioritized. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to contribute to rehydration and increase the resistance to the body.

Follow the Hara Hachi Bu principle


Hara Hachi Bu is a famous Japanese principle that you should do everything at 80%. In eating, you should not eat until full but only at 80%. Overeating can cause fatigue, drowsiness and inactivity; besides it causes problems on the digestive system.

Hara Hachi Bu is also necessary in arranging schedule for a day trip. You should rest when you feel that you’ve used 80% of your strength, being greedy sometimes makes your next day more tiring.

Get enough sleep

If you have a habit of using social networks until late at night, you should temporarily give it up while traveling. Sleep is a powerful and irreplaceable way to regain energy. So go to bed a little earlier than usual instead of engrossed in smartphones.

Protect the skin

Bring sunscreen and use it for the entire journey, whether you are male or female. Prolonged exposure to the sun without any protective can affect the skin and cause dehydration and fatigue. Use a sunscreen and apply a new layer every 2 hours for better skin protection.

Exercise every morning

Morning work-out makes your body feel more awaked and stronger for whole day activities. You can perform simple movements such as push-up, sit-up, yoga, jumping … right in the hotel room. Or simply stretch the body parts such as neck, arms, legs, shoulders, back, etc to circulate blood and relax the muscles.

What do you think about this? Is it helpful for your journey preparation? After all, words are just words. Leave your home behind for a few days and witness the beauty of Northern Vietnam with your own eyes! Check out our website: https://www.sapa-tours.net/ for more Sapa tour offers and best deals!