7 Dishes That You Should Try On A Cold Day In Sapa

Spicy and sour sturgeon hotpot, grilled chicken with green pepper or grilled pig with Com Lam (rice bamboo-tube) are suggested dishes if you visit Sapa on cold drizzle days. Let’s check out what’s special about these dishes with Asia Charm Tours and don’t forget to check out available Sapa Tours in our website.

Grilled pork on cast iron pan


Pigs in mountainous areas are raised by ethnic minorities with corn, potatoes and cassava so the meat is firm, sweet with thick skin. In restaurants, this type of meat is usually cooked by roasting the whole pig or grilling inside a bamboo tube. Beside these dishes, visitors can try grilled pig oncast iron pan. After pre-processing and marinating, meat will be placed on cast iron pan and grilled directly on the fire with onions, scallions, lemongrass and chili. When serving to the customers, the dish retains the heat and the flesh close to the cast iron pan is crispy.

Sturgeon hotpot


Thanks to the water from the ravine and cool weather, Sa Pa people have built many sturgeon farming areas to supply local restaurants. Unlike other types of imported fish, Sa Pa sturgeon has a light pink color and its meat is firm even after cooking. Sturgeon hotpot has a spicy and sour broth with pineapple, tomatoes and satay, served with local vegetables.

Charcoal grilled skewers


Enjoying hot skewers right next to the charcoal grill is a wonderful suggestion for cold days. At the stalls near the Sa Pa market and the church, visitors can pick up which skewer they like with the tongs then give it to the owner so they can grill it in front of you. It will take 5 – 10 minutes for the vegetables, chicken, pork and sausages to cook. Now you can enjoy the hot skewers with dipping sauce of salt and chilly and admiring the night view of the town.

Com Lam


Com lam (rice bamboo-tube) is a specialty of the northern mountainous provinces in Vietnam. Made from upland glutinous rice and baked in bamboo tubes, the rice is fragrant and chewy. To make the dish more attractive, the locals add magenta plant’s juice. This dish is served with sesame salt, crushed peanuts or grilled pork.

Horse meat with garlic and green pepper


Besides the famous Thang Co (horse meat soup), the horse meat in Sa Pa also has other cooking process such as charcoal grill, foil baking or stir fry. The horse meat with garlic and green pepper is highly recommended for chilly weather in Sapa. After preparation, the horse meat is grilled in whole on charcoal to be crispy outside and rare inside which is similar to beef steak and cut into pieces but not separately. The chef will then marinate the meat with satay sauce, garlic, finely chopped onions and green pepper then wrap the meat inside the foil and grilled again on hot charcoals. As a result, the meat is soft and does not dry out. The natural sweetness of horse meat mingled with hot spicy sauce will help visitors warm their bodies from inside in the drizzling rainy days.

Grilled chicken with green pepper


Like the pigs in Sapa, the chickens here are raised in a natural environment so they are small in size with sweet and chewy meat. However, only when cooked with green pepper sauce and finely chopped onion, you will understand why grilled chicken with green pepper is recommended by many tourists when visiting Sapa. Before grilling inside the foil, the chicken is cooked to an average extent. After grilling, the chicken’s skin turns into golden brown, the meat inside is naturally sweet and rich in sauce.

Roasted chestnuts


Coming to Sa Pa, visitors will easily come across stalls selling roasted chestnuts and roasted almonds with the faint aroma of butter. Sa Pa chestnuts are larger than the forest chestnuts with dark brown color and thin fluff on the shell. Roasted, grilled or boiled chestnut has nice aroma with natural sweetness. People often roast chestnut with black stone so it can be cooked evenly and not to burn the shell.

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