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  • Bathing With Herbs

    Herbal bath in Sapa Vietnam, spending the whole night on the train and some more hours on a coach, I finally travel in the tourist town of Sapa. Being exhausted, I only wanted to […]

  • Funeral customs of the Hmong in Sapa

    Like many other highland ethnic minorities, the Hmong in Sa Pa still preserved many traditional customs, including funeral is a ritual tradition, morality drinking water, remember its source, is the appreciation between the living […]

  • Dao people cultivation activities

    These cultivation activities play a dominant role among different Dao peope  groups and areas. Dao Quan Trang (white trousers Dao people), Dao Ao Dai (long tunic, people)) and Dao Thanh Y (blue clothes people)) […]

  • Handicraft of Sapa

    In Sa Pa, clothes, basketwork, metal and wooden objects, jewellery, pottery, etc, were made locally according to techniques that were often specific to an area or an ethnic group. These objects are still made […]

  • The value of Rice

    The value of rice, in a Vietnamese’s opinion, cannot and should not be limited to the economic realm. Even though it is indeed a staple crop cultivated annually throughout the country, and plays a […]

  • H’mong people in Sapa

    Originally, the Chinese hmong populations used to live in the wide plains south of the Yangtse river. As of the 16th century, they started to migrate to the south-east under the demographic, territorial and […]

  • Red Dzao women in Sapa market

    Sapa is also famous for its love market, which takes place on saturday evenings. The love market of Sapa used to be the place to find a partner to get married. With the tourism, […]

  • H’mong Pan Pipes

    The Pan-pipes is a musical instrument of the wind family with the free vibrated reed, popular among almost all of Vietnam’s ethnicity in different forms. This musical instrument is called Khen by The Kinh […]