A Day To Explore Cu Vai Village In Northwest Vietnam

When it comes to the Northwest Vietnam, people always think of Sapa or Mu Cang Chai which are too familiar to the tourists. But not many know about Cu Vai village – a rather unique place that is stirring the social network recently. If you want to visit Cu Vai village, head straight to our website Sapa Tours and get your booking done!


Located on a high mountain, Cu Vai village is seated in Xa Ho commune, Tram Tau district,Yen Bai province with about 46 households, of which more than 80% are H’Mong ethnic people. This place is about 20km from the community center using the mountain road. To get here, especially on the erratic weather, we have to leave the motorbike behind and trek to an additional range of 4 – 5km.


To get to Cu Vai village, you can take a bus from Hanoi to Nghia Lo (Yen Bai) and then rent a motorbike in Nghia Lo to Tram Tau (24km) and from Tram Tau to Cu Vai village (10km) you can still ride the motorbike or trek which depends on the weather. The road leading up to the village is not fully paved so it is quite steep and difficult to access. If the weather is nice and dry and you are confident in your driving skill, you can drive straight up to the village. If not, you could hire a villager to drive you up to the village (100k VND /one way) to save time and energy.


Cu Vai hasn’t had any motel or homestay, even restaurant; there’s only a grocery store so the best option is to visit Cu Vai in the early morning and leave at noon or afternoon.

The second option is that you can stay at hotels and homestays in Tram Tau. This area also has a relaxing natural hot spring bath that is worth your visit.


Cu Vai is beautiful most time of the year. If you invest in a drone camera, you could capture many stunning angles from the top. Keep in mind that you should avoid rainy months because the road is difficult to travel and covered by clouds. The most beautiful months of the year are from December to January. In this season, every house in the village has beautiful cherry blossoms.


In Cu Vai, roads, electricity, water, or other facilities are all very inconvenient so if you want to gift them something, you are very welcome.The children here are very fond of confectionery and quite lack of clothes so if you can, give them candies, fruits, warm clothes, etc. as gifts.


As soon as you set foot on the map, you will feel like you are an alien because all eyes will be directed to you. Be friendly, kind and talk to them. The people of Cu Vai are very gentle, enthusiastic and ready to invite you to a cup of water after a long and tiring journey.


What do you think about this? Does it make you exciting and want to book your ticket right away? After all, words are just words. Leave your home behind for a few days and witness the beauty of Northwest Vietnam with your own eyes! Check out our website: https://www.sapa-tours.net/ for more Sapa tour offers and best deals!