Explore Bac Ha Fair In Harvesting Season

Besides the golden terraced fields in harvesting season in Lao Cai, weekend markets and unique dishes in Bac Ha are also worth exploring if you travel to this area. Check out the Bac Ha Market Tour available at our website Sapa Tours if you are interested in visiting this season.


This year’s harvesting time in Bac Ha is around the second half of September. On the way to see ripen rice fields in the Northwest villages, you can visit Bac Ha fair, open regularly on Sundays, where local people buy and sell their own products.


People in many communes of Bac Ha and neighboring districts bring all kinds of goods, agricultural products and supplies to sell here. You can find vegetables, herbs and spices planted by the Mong people here as well.


The cattle and buffalo selling area is located on a high hill, separated from the food area. Tourists visit buffalo market mainly because of curiosity.


The dog market is easier to take part in. The buyers like to choose smart-and-clever-looking dogs to bring home. The price of one dog is around 300,000 VND depending on the breed and size.


Another area favored by many tourists is the place near the main stage that sells varieties of forest orchid plants. The prices can be varied but still affordable and cheap. There are people bringing their children to the market, leave the orchid plants to them and go buying farming tools, food and then come back later to handle business.


Thang Co’s main ingredient is horse organs and is considered as a specialty of the Northwest. This dish is eaten by many local men, served with Bac Ha corn wine. For visitors, you can order a small bowl for tasting; the price is around 30,000 VND.


You shouldn’t miss Pho Chua (sour noodles). The noodles here are not white as usual, but a little reddish brown, because it is made from special local red rice. A bowl of sour noodles includes warm, fresh noodles, pork meat, finely chopped raw vegetables, peanuts and some sour water. A bowl costs 25,000 VND.


Some kinds of local snacks such as potato cakes, corn cakes … are made in front of the tourists. The seller mixed rice flour with purple potato flour, shape the mixture into small round forms. When customers make orders, they put them into frying pan. The price for one is 2,000 dong.


Besides the Sunday morning market, there is also a night market in Saturday, which mainly sells snacks such as grilled corns and grilled sweet potatoes. There are performances by local people and students at the night market that attract a lot of interest from tourists.

Bac Ha town is quite a developed place; there are many hotels, motels near the market, or the homestay in the coastal areas like Na Hoi commune so you don’t have to worry about the accommodation. If you are excited to travel to Sapa, pay a visit to our website https://www.sapa-tours.net/ for more information about Sapa Tours. September and October are the ideal time to visit Sapa because it’s also harvesting season so don’t hesitate to invite your partners to join your journey! Pick up your backpack and come to Sapa to experience it!