Ideal Destinations To Enjoy Autumn In Vietnam 2019

The highlands of the Northwest and the west of Southern Vietnam are beautiful routes for you to admire every moment of autumn. You can check out available offers at Sapa Tours for more information about your favorite destinations.

Discover the flooding season in Southern Vietnam


Not having the majestic scenery but the flooding season in the Mekong Delta has always captured the heart of many tourists. The rustic beauty of the scene is like inviting travelers from all over the world to the west of Southern Vietnam to witness.

Tra Su melaleuca forest, Gao Giong ecotourism destination or Tram Chim national park in Dong Thap is covered with the green of countless rows of Melaleuca trees and underwater you will find layers of tiny green duckweed. The sound of paddles turning water harmonies with the sound of birds chirping somewhere on the top of the melaleuca trees will give visitors peace of mind.

Besides the melaleuca forest, tourists can visit Thap Muoi lotus field to enjoy the cuisine of Dong Thap Muoi region, experience the bustling atmosphere of floating markets or take part in interesting activities such as swimming, catching fish or picking Egyptian river hemp flowers.

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Chasing the golden season in the highland of Northwest Vietnam


Autumn is the perfect time to explore the vast expanse of golden rice field in the Northwest. Each brilliant terraced field in Sapa, Mu Cang Chai or Hoang Su Phi, etc is like the stairs leading to the sky, like an impressive golden spiral.

When arriving in the Northwest this season, visitors can enjoy the fresh air of autumn, the honey-like sunshine with the mountain scenery and wildflowers blooming along the hillside. You will be immersed in the beautiful nature and the vibrant atmosphere of people working on the field.

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