Nhan Song and Nao Song Festival in Giang Ta Chai – Sapa

This is the festival of the Red Dao ethnic group in Giang Ta Chai (Ta Van – Sapa).

Nhan Song festival in Giang Ta Chai village

Formerly, on good days of the first lunar month every year, the Red Dao people will carry out the Nhan Song Festival in the forbidden forest of the Village to pray for favorable weather condition. However, from the beginning of the 1950s, due to the population growth leading to the increase of deforestation, the Dao people only carry out the festival in the years when the forest is destroyed much. The offering in the festival is a pig (small or big depending on the number of people participating in the festival). This pig is in turn raised by each household in the village.

The place of this festival is the forbidden forest – where people worship the God of Land (he is supposed to stay in a big tree or rock in the forest). After Mr “Chu Long” – the master of the ceremony carry out the ritual and read the regulation, villagers have the right to discuss and talk to each other.