Northern Vietnam In Autumn

Autumn comes and brings the chilly winds and soft sunshine creating beautiful scenery for the North of Vietnam. If you are planning your trip to Northern Vietnam this season, let Sapa Tours present you some of the best destinations to enjoy the cool vibe of autumn in Vietnam. Are you ready to fall for Vietnam? Let’s go!



Sapa in autumn is gorgeous with early morning mist covering the whole golden terraced fields. Your days in Sapa can be spent strolling through the stone church, visiting beautiful Cat Cat village or climbing Fansipan to play with the clouds. Don’t forget to add Muong Hoa valley and Ham Rong Mountain to your list of places to go in Sapa. At night you can wander in Sapa night market and enjoy delicious food.

Ha Giang


When traveling to Ha Giang in the fall, visitors will be greeted by golden terraced fields and the magnificent scenery of the northeastern mountains. From October, Ha Giang also attracts visitors from all over the places with the brilliant pink color of buckwheat flower fields.

Mu Cang Chai


When autumn comes with a gentle breeze, Mu Cang Chai covers itself in the color of ripe rice fields. The cascading rice terraced created by the Mong people look like the masterpieces arranged by giant hands of nature. Golden waves of ripen rice fields curled around the flanks, layer after layer, stretching endlessly. And if you have come here, stop for a rest at a restaurant to enjoy the sticky rice served with grilled hill chicken.

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