Northwest Vietnam Food Festival 2019

In autumn, when the weather is cooler, it is also an ideal time to explore the landscape, the festivals  and the beautiful natural scenery of Northwestern mountains. You can find more information about the available Sapa Tours at our page

This autumn, the Northwest not only has cascading terraced fields stretching along the mountainside, not only all kinds of wine and food such as Mong Po corn wine, Thanh Kim grain wine, Ta Van plum wine, buffalo meat, etc… but also an unique cultural space awaits for you in the Northwest Food Festival 2019 in Sapa.


This is the third time the Northwest Food Festival is held to honor the traditional cultural values, creating a unique entertainment destination for visitors coming to the Northwest in this fall.

Not only showing visitors the unique cuisine of the Northwest, the Festival also recreates the typical cultural space of this land. All the interesting activities such as singing, dancing, cooking traditional dishes, etc, will give visitors an insider view of Northwest living, rustic yet attractive.


Every Saturday and Sunday morning, from 9:30 to 11:30, visitors have the chance to immerse themselves in the lives of the locals, enjoy the traditional wedding of Dao people, the colorful brocade and specialty sold in sa mu wooden roofing booths.

Especially in this festival, visitors will enjoy “Dance on the Cloud” – the performances that show the mediating traits and colors of Northwest, spread out unique and impressive experience that make visitors cannot be helped but admiring.


Northwest Food Festival 2019 which lasts until September 10th is creating a “miniature Northwest in the heart of Sapa”, not only a special cultural event honoring and introducing Northwest culinary culture to friends from within and outside the country, but also contribute to promoting tourism in Lao Cai and bring a full experience for visitors.


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