Salmon Fish – Speciality in Sapa

Ica-hoi-sapa 1n the past, Sa Pa tourists are familiar with landmarks such as Ham Rong tourist resort town of Sapa Vietnam, the ancient carved stone Almost Thao, or sites have been put into poetry as Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge, the cultural village, village, enjoying the taste of fruit temperate subtropical origin such as peaches, pears, apples, plums and so the thought of fainted … Now come to Sa Pa, tourists an additional tourism product characteristics other personal taste, it’s salmon farming sites and visit the largest salmon in North Vietnam.

 At 1.800m higher than sea level, the scientists of the Institute of Aquaculture has a successful salmon farming in Falls Sapa. Du and foreign visitors not only enjoy the dishes made from salmon, but is considered indigenous salmon very nicely.

ca-hoi-sapa 2At first listen will surely be many who do not believe because Sapa vietnam is a mountainous, mountainous terrain all but the food warehouses where the highlights are dishes made ​​from fish. Besides many of the specialty flavor mountains that visitors do not forget to enjoy every opportunity arrived here as pigs steal the armpit, su su, cider cats, unique dishes highland .. . the dishes made ​​from fish – a popular dish of the plains are very popular. Especially as the fish of Sapa vietnam is not made ​​from the fish that is commonly found that the fish lives in streams, or slots, such as salmon, a fish that only live in cold climate conditions. First to mention the fish from the stream Muong Hoa, Muong Korea murmuring water year round. Stream fish of several kinds: white fish such as fish raceway flattened body, individual flowers, goby, fish have the color black and moss rock. Sapa fish streams are not large, only fingers, to much just like the handles. Especially as there are fish streams are not fishy. Fish catch, people bake a fire on the banks of streams files to be able to take long-term or bring up for sale to restaurants in town. Fish fried spring up, head, tail and fins crisp melt in your mouth while you mix the individual fibers retain their long strips of fish Highlander.