San pile

Coc San caveLocation: Piling Coc San San commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai Province.

Characteristics: Coc San is a system of waterfalls and caves to various small, so one can call it or catch the Coc Coc San San. Coc San Road on a winding, dark and filled with rocks, the beauty of Bangkok San is purely natural, wild.
Located about 7km Lao Cai, Coc San has long been known as an ideal tourist destination town of people. From Highway 4D, a small dirt roads over 1 km in length lead to Bangkok San. The two sides are small fields and villages of thelocal population. As a Coc San approximately 300 – 400m, you can hear thechanting of the stream.

San cup located between two low hills. Khe hill forming a stream with an averageslope, there are waterfalls ranging from low to high like the stairs. The cave inCoc San distributed in many places, and have a very special thing in eachchassis is almost a waterfall, the waters pouring down from above there is acave. Coc San harmonious landscape and spacious. People come here eachhas felt the mysterious magic well up from the waterfall, the rocks and cavestissue. Every few tens of meters has a waterfall, the distance between theoperators are in the quiet blue stream flowing between banks of sand.

Coc San rock beaches, including many small stones to other, rolling the same message. In particular, many blade surface is very flat and broad with a few dozen people can sit. The climate in San cup very fresh and cool made ​​me feelvery comfortable. On summer days or holidays, so many people come toBangkok San. Most of them are young people, students … When visitingBangkok San apart the scenery, take pictures … they bathe themselves in the cool blue water.