Stunning Tinh Khe Nipa Palm Forest On My Khe Beach

Tinh Khe – The lush nipa palm forest which is surrounded by coastlines and villages – is becoming the eco-tourist attractions that favored by many tourists recently. If you wish to visit Tinh Khe nipa palm forest, contact Asia Charm Tours through our website Sapa Tours and we make your booking done in no time!


Kinh Giang River is over 7 km long running through Tinh Khe, Tinh Hoa and Tinh Ky communes (Quang Ngai City), connecting with Co Luy estuary. At the beginning of the river in Tinh Khe commune there is a nipa palm forest formed hundreds of years ago which located about 16 km from the city center and a few hundred meters from My Khe beach of Quang Ngai.


People drop fishing nets in the nipa palm forest. According to historical documents, with such rugged terrain, Tinh Khe nipa palm forest used to be the refuge of armed forces during the years of resistance.


Adjacent to the nipa palm forest is Co Luy village. This is a rare place that has important elements: rivers, mountains and villages. The peaceful land is famous for its beautiful natural scenery during four seasons. Today, Co Luy village is one of the 12 famous landscapes of Quang Ngai province.


Due to the submerged terrain, the main transportation here is boat. Despite not investing a lot in tourism, Tinh Khe nipa palm forest is quite famous in Quang Ngai because of its wild and romantic beauty. To enter the forest, tourists should follow My Khe beach’s coastline and ask people. You can hire a boatman to enter the forest and fully enjoy the fresh air and take pictures.


A local villager uses a web to catch fish. Above the forest is the habitat of birds and storks, while under the water is the habitat of brackish species such as mullet, crabs and snails that bring aquatic resources to fishermen.


The houses nestled under nipa palm tree. People here also have additional income from the practice of cutting nipa palm leaves and weaving them into a canopy cover for sale.


Tinh Khe nipa palm forest is over 9 hectares, narrowed significantly compared to the resistance period due to aquaculture plan by farmers. The remaining area of nipa palm forest is being planned and exploited for eco-tourism by the goverment.

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