Thang Co is Unique in Bac Ha market

Thang Co in SapaThang Co is famous cuisine has long been in the fair highland in Vietnam-China border. Initially, this is just like any other food dishes. Over time, the month became a culture, a brand of tourism, attracting thousands of visitors to the annual session of Bac Ha market.

Following village Giang Seo, 65, Mong at Ban Pho – a celebrity cook delicious horse winning try upland corn and wine Bac Ha – tell: horse wins dishes out life near ago 200 years when the Mong, Tay, Nung residence of Bac Ha. This item appears the upland fair, food needs, food of Mongolia Bac Ha, Si Ma Cai when shopping. It is associated with the material and cultural life – the spirit of the H’mong, Tay, Nung Bac Ha centuries. Through bowl victory try delicious, Comfort ngut smoke, drink maize wine aromatic concentration, people expressed their, feelings, share sad pleasure, the experience of living, working and …

In Bac Ha, both Mong, Tay, Nung are cooked horse winning try. Straight cooking simple but must have experience, know-how, own new cooking delicious. After surgery horses, clean meat is done, all “continental government five organs” of it was cut into pieces. On the fire as bright, built-in a large saucepan. All things like butt prime meat, bones, leg bones, heart, liver, heart … is poured into the pan at the same time, the fried roll, a “fat frying horse”. Wait a few minutes, the meat will se side, we pour water into the pan and so security boiling for hours. In addition to salt and a little seasoning, spices straight dish should have cardamom, aromatic grilled fill, to small canopy, marinate the meat before bring fried. When winning try cooked, the condiment complement each other to create something special flavor and charm. According to the mountain breeze, the smell of victory spread from start to finish for like inviting, unsettled everyone, not a sales pitch, a more effective form of advertising.

Go to the market and won her not only the interests of local people

Primitive culture

Thang Co in SapaAfter surgery the horse in the early morning, woodchip cook win as his family United Van Ferries, Nung ethnic in Na parade, village, Ta Chai brought to the market, the stove, put the pan and cook win fixed on the spot. Until nearly noon, when the trading activity that is done, go to the market, especially the men, youth, village, or know each other money on monthly drinking. There are many people who also brought his wife and child, lover or girlfriend had just gotten to know at the fair the same in winning restaurant, drinking to “red wine” and introduce your friends to add fun atmosphere.

Currently, the won best horse trying to market to the first month of culture, Bac Ha – still remain pristine national culture, unique and distinctive, was voted the most attractive markets in Southeast Asia in 2009 . The market is open on Sundays and weekends, attracting thousands of people from all provinces of Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Ha Giang trade, exchange of goods. In particular, every fair from 700 to 1,000 international tourists to visit, learn the culture, the winning horse and for the horse.

Previously, Bac Ha market mainly consistent temporary tent erected large, straw roof, no walls, it placed the winning bid at the front of the tent, around can be sold are the plank, the agency does not have table, took the chair brick or stone found everyone sitting around the winning bid. Thang tried to scoop out a big porcelain bowls, each with a general gripping chopsticks, bowls, next to a bamboo container to put pepper, bottle of wine and a few small bamboo tubes to pour drinks.

But now the market is more spacious building, where you win with wooden tables and chairs sitting, stepchild bowl, but still share a bowl win trying to. Already a straight man eating necessarily drinking, Mongolia BacHa questions: “to win her horse without alcohol Ban Pho corn as not beat static”. Though the wine can not afford to make, seven bowls of chinaware balance, three porcelain cups lest wasted all the fun. Straight women and children eat for rice or yeast Men (mashed corn, steamed) carry. The goal try, a thousand and one of things mentioned; largest and most straw is about shifting cultivation, hunting, villages, on the other, the exchange of experience is done … With the boys village women, this is a great opportunity to get to know, friends, love, and this was while the couple get to know each other, loving, charming couple. Bac Ha horse actually winning try which was delicious but better-known and more attractive because of the atmosphere of the lively markets, bustling food in the crowded environment, east of friends, brothers, relatives …

Winning try is rustic, mass, bringing coherence to the community, making it faster closer together, understand each other better. Higher than a dish, it was the culture that through it, we can see the standard of conduct, customs and traditions of a people among peoples, in a broad range space communication and liberal … Maybe so, but they say: “Bac Ha Thang try to eat at the new Bac Ha good but buy home food not as good as”.

Hi wins Guinness record

Thang Co in SapaBac Ha is the 2nd major tourist attraction of Lao Cai province in travel toward the source program, the link between the three provinces of Lao Cai – Yen Bai – Phu Tho. To create a brand for tourism Bac Ha, tourist attraction, especially to make up unique tourism products, novelty, unique to each region, Lao Cai province in collaboration with advertising Corporation Ltd XD He Paints proceed straight molded pan Guinness in American industrial Dong (Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong) on 05/21/2008. Cast-iron pans and other accessories according to the traditional form of the Mong Bac Ha, completed and handed over to the district launch tourists in the right direction on 30.5, on the occasion of the Week of Culture and Tourism of Bac Ha – 2008 (from 30.5 to 02.06.2008). The pan won problem weighs nearly 1.6 tons, nearly 3m in diameter, more than 1 meter deep, a batch of 2 cubic meters of water, enough to cook three horses, for about 1,000 customers, has been included in the Guinness Vietnam in 2008.