Thu Le park bring new experience to tourists

From October 10th, visitors to Thu Le Park will not only watch peacocks and many rare horses through the cages, but also play and take photos with them.

This trial activity has been implemented by Hanoi Zoo Co., Ltd. during the last week, attracting large numbers of visitors from Hanoi and neighboring provinces. In this program, people can ride horses gathered from all over the world.


Rare horses such as the Tiger Horse (a hybrid of North African horses and wild horses), Thoroughbred (one of the pure horse) or Arabian (Arabian racing horse is extremely tough and skillful, can run upto 300km without drinking water) … will interact with visitors. With this model, participants will learn about characteristics of rare horse, caring and racing method accordingly.

At the same time, the Peacock area is open to friendly interaction to create a living environment close to nature. If visitors are only used to admire the birds through the cages, this space is designed completely open, so visitors can comfortably contact, play and take pictures with the peacock.

“In the immediate future the Hanoi Zoo will release the birds in close proximity to nature. They do not have to live in a cage. Visitors can interact, create closeness, build friendly behaviors for animals. In the future, Hanoi Zoo will add a number of species for better serve of visitors to the Hanoi Zoo “- Mr. Nguyen Cong Nghiep – Deputy General Director of Hanoi Zoo Co., Ltd said.

With the open space, the birds are free and visitors are comfortable to interact with rgen.

In spite of the new deployment, the trial horse riding has attracted the many visitors to Thu Le park. Sharing after riding a horse, Do Dang Khoi (10 years old – Hanoi) said, “At first I was a little scared, but when I get used to it, it’s very nice. I feel like a prince in fairy tales.” In addition, this activity will help children improve skills, reflexes and activeness while promoting love and sense of nature protection.

It is known that the above activities are also the long-term purpose of the Hanoi horse club. According to Mr. Ngo Le Thang, Chairman of Hanoi Horse Club: “This is the first step in the long-term direction of the horse club, with the purpose of popularizing Vietnamese people in general to understand about horse, learn how to ride and take care of them … and then play some types of sports like Polo or horse racing … ”

This friendly interactivity will be maintained regularly in the Thu Le Park. Situated in an enormous are of 29 hectares, Thu Le Park is an ideal place for walking tour since it is encompassed by lush green grasses and an exquisite collection of tree, small plants and flowers. Thanks to this, the park provides visitors relaxing glimpse as well as fresh air and beautiful landscape. The site is also chosen by many photographers as their source of innovation.

With its five exhibition areas, the zoo is now having 40 animal houses with more than 600 animals of more than 100 species. Among which, 40 species are listed in Vietnam Red Book and many are gifts from Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Some rare animals being preserved here are Indo-Chinese tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, and hippos.

Besides sightseeing its scenery and animals, visitors might also attend more energetic outdoor activities in the park. The most interesting one should be swan boat driving along its 6 hectares lakes which you may have the most romantic time with your partners.

Source: hanoitimes