Van Long – The Lagoon Without Waves

Van Long Lagoon is known for its tranquil atmosphere surrounded by limestone mountains and the calm and clear surface of water that you can see the reflection of clouds in it. You can find more about this tour at our website Sapa Tours and Asia Charm Tours so visit now to get the best offers.


About 80 km from Hanoi to the south, Van Long lagoon is considered the biggest wetland nature reserve site in the northern delta and home to thousands of rare fauna and flora species, many of them on the brink of extinction.


Van Long lagoon is not a natural lagoon but formed from the embankment of more than 30 km long dyke on the left bank of the Day River to prevent flooding. Since then, a vast wetland with beautiful rocks and caves was born, becoming a stopping place for people who love to explore nature and want to immerse themselves in water and mountains.


Many people coming to Van Long often ask why this place is called “Ha Long Bay without waves” of Ninh Binh. To answer the question, you should take a boat for sightseeing, feel the calm water without waves like a giant mirror of nature. This mirror reflects limestone mountain blocks with the shape like cat, raspberry, table, and fairy just like its name (Meo mountain (cat), Mam Xoi mountain (raspberry), Da Ban mountain (table), Co Tien mountain (fairy)).  While sitting on the boat enjoying the scenery, you can see clearly the layers of moss under the water, making the natural scenery here even more impressive.


On the boat, visitors can enjoy the majesty mountains and the grass spreading across the immense water.


Not only being the famous wetland nature reserve site on the tourist map of Ninh Binh, Van Long lagoon has many landscapes and cultural relics. Van Long has two Vietnamese records, including “the place with the largest numbers of Delacour’s langur ” and “the place with the largest natural scenery”.

Van Long has more than 32 beautiful pristine caves such as as: Ca cave (fish), Bong cave (bubble), Rua cave (turtle), etc. Inside these caves you will find many stalactites with unique shapes that is utterly attractive to nature lovers. Van Long Lagoon is also home to nearly hundred of Delacour’s langur – a critically endangered species of lutung endemic to northern Vietnam.


The sun fell on the lagoon in the late afternoon. Climb to Ba Chon mountain, the highest peak in the Van Long area, visitors can see the vast landscape of the reserve with overlapping limestone mountains, lush green rice fields and water land. At the top of the mountain, you also have the opportunity to watch the clouds drifting away, listen to the echo of the birds, the rustle of the leaves and the sound of langurs playing, feel like being fully immersed in nature.

The best time of the day to go to Van Long lagoon is in the afternoon when the birds return to the area. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the langurs looking for food at the edge of the water. Surrounding Van Long Nature Reserve are typical villages of the Northern Delta. Coming here, you can explore the village by bullock carriage or bicycle to enjoy the tranquility and idyllicity of this land.

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