Vietnam is one of the best destination to travel alone.

The travel to discover a new territory alone help you with many different experience,
with new reflections, and especially easy to sapa (7)integrate to learn culture of that country. One of the very important factors for his trip is the safety. And Vietnam is a safe destination if travelers intend to explore alone.
When come to Vietnam, destinations like Sapa, Halong Bay … is the interesting destination you should not miss.
Which, Halong Bay is popular tourist destination of many foreign visitors to Vietnam by the spectacular beauty of thousands of large and small islands, beautiful caves shimmering, magical in a real world. Meanwhile, misty Sapa town is where a lot of players love travel phượt looking to dust by high mountains as if challenging the curiosity of tourists, terraced rice paddies brings charm, endless …..
Besides, visitors should also visit some foreign crowded Ben Thanh Market (HCMC),
Dong Xuan market (Hanoi). Here, visitors are immersed in the vibrant ambience that peace.sapa (2)
2014, Business Insider, based on data from the Global Peace Index ranking of specialized peace in 162 countries around the world, Happy Planet Index and the status of human happiness, to make the list Top 10 destinations safely. Accordingly, Vietnam ranked 2nd and this was not the first time Vietnam on the list of safe tourism destination by foreign travel magazine poll.
Viet Nam – one of the most female-friendly places to travel in Southeast Asia, and in its interesting places, like Halong Bay, Sapa, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City…., you’ll find the most beatifull scene in real life and an absolutely safe for any foreign visitors.