Vietnam, EU boost tourism cooperation

EU - VNVietnam and the European Union will hold regular dialogue and exchange information on tourism to ensure its sustainable development and competitiveness in both sides.

A letter of intent to this effect was signed in Hanoi on November 13 between Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh and European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani.

They agreed to share experience in sustainable tourism development between their tourism and related agencies, including scholar and business communities involved in preserving natural and cultural heritage and in training skills and improving the quality of tourism services.

Minister Anh appreciated the EU’s support for Vietnam, especially in tourism development, and thanked the grouping for its assistance in implementing the Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Program (ESRT).

The EU has committed EUR11 million to the EUR12.1 million program, aiming to develop responsible tourism and improve the sector’s competitive capacity.

In 2013, Vietnam aims to attract around 7.5 million foreign visitors and serve over 35 million domestic holiday-makers, earning more than US$10 billion in revenue.

The EU’s support has enabled Vietnam’s tourism sector to fulfill its target, he said.
EU - VN1
Anh proposed the EU support Vietnam in other areas such as culture, sports and family affairs.

Antonia acknowledged Anh’s proposal, saying the EU is willing to transfer its expertise in sustainable tourism development and take part in future tourism and cultural exchanges between the two sides.

He revealed Vietnam should continue promoting its cuisine art in European festivals and fairs to lure more visitors to the country.

Source: VOV